Verdasys was founded with a singularly important mission - to develop an operationally effective data protection platform that efficiently mitigates the risk of sensitive data loss while enabling business processes to function.  To deliver on that mission we created Digital Guardian® the only DLP solution that also protects sensitive data from both insider threat and malicious outsiders.  With a focus on protecting sensitive data and a dedication to the success of our customers, we deliver products, services and support to every continent on the globe.  Verdasys customers are leaders in automotive, financial services, aerospace, insurance, oil & gas, healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing and technology.  Our use case coverage includes:

  • Insider Threat Prevention
  • Privileged User Monitoring and Control
  • Personal Data Protection for Compliance with PCI, GLBA, HIPAA and many others
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Mobile Data Protection
  • Cyber Threat Detection and Prevention
  • eDiscovery & Forensics

Verdasys is led by a seasoned management team and possesses a "world-class" product development organization that is second to none. We are headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts with offices in London and Tokyo.