Digital Guardian® Mail Encryption

Digital Guardian Adaptive Mail Encryption (AME) offers classification driven, fully automated encryption of enterprise email content and attachments for Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.  Email sent across the enterprise from one Digital Guardian protected machine to another is transparently encrypted and decrypted by Digital Guardian without any required action by the sender or recipient.  The process is driven by Digital Guardian’s recognition that the information in the email and or attachment is sensitive and policies are applied that activates the AES 256 byte encryption control.

AME uses patented data encryption and simplified key management technology to protect email content and attached files containing proprietary or sensitive information.  Digital Guardian’s key management, storage and destruction are centralized for easy management and recovery for lost user/system access credentials. Emails are encrypted with a key using the Digital Guardian Server’s public key infrastructure.  These emails can be opened on machines running the Digital Guardian Agent automatically as the Digital Guardian Agent and Server transparently authenticate with each other to exchange required keys. Emails sent to a partner or off-network address (a system that is not protected by Digital Guardian) are protected with AME’s “AES-256 ZIP” based encryption standard and password model.  Original file names and extensions of attachments are retained with an added ticket ID and a .zip extension.  The ZIP based encryption includes a lost password recovery capability and password delivery options including:  send in the same email, send in a separate email, send as image attachment, or configured in advance as a standard password.



The Digital Guardian Difference

The Digital Guardian Adaptive Mail Encryption module extends Digital Guardian's comprehensive monitoring and control polices to perform on the fly, automated email encryption and capture the associated data usage and movement in a single integrated solution.  AME provides:

  • Automated encryption enforcement avoiding the requirement that employees remember to apply encryption
  • Flexible encryption enforcement, applying email encryption only when needed
  • Patented, automated key management as part of the Digital Guardian secure architecture greatly simplifying system management
  • Support for Microsoft® Outlook/Exchange and Lotus® Notes/Domino protecting content and attachments with AES-256 encryption
  • WinZip password based collaborative encryption designed to support mobile, joint venture, outsourcing and other partner related work environments
  • Centralized visibility, auditing and reporting enabling security managers to understand what encrypted data moved in emails and as attachments as well as what did not, giving visibility into compliance with corporate policies and privacy.