Solutions Overview

Verdasys offers a data-centric and technology platform-based approach to mitigating the risk of data loss from insider and cyber attack threats.  This is a proven approach to mitigating the data risks from three generations of data loss prevention threats (DLP 3.0).  DLP 3.0 is driven by each new wave of technology (drop box, virutalization and cloud), business model changes (outsourcing) and regulatory changes (increased consumer protection laws),  as well as new threats such as targeted data theft through cyber attacks.  Rather than continue in the old and inadequate tradition of protecting disparate infrastructure elements, advanced data protection focuses on:

  • Discovering and classifying sensitive data by user knowledge, context and content to gain visibility into how it is used by end users including employees, contractors, partners and outsourcers.
  • Providing actionable decision support for assessing the risk associated with the sharing of sensitive data, enabling managers to make informed business decisions and creating effective data security policies.
  • Implementing automated policy-driven information protection controls, driving accountability down to the user, resulting in voluntary compliance and increased risk-aware behavior.
  • Alerting, blocking and forensically capturing high-risk behavior, ultimately preventing costly and damaging data loss incidents.

Verdasys provides a technology platform and professional services to help companies meet the DLP 3.0 challenge with flexible delivery models to match the needs of both mid-size business with limited resources and budget to global enterprises that maintain professional security staff.  Verdasys Solution offerings include:

  • Data compliance for a variety of regulations including; PCI, HIPAA, GLB, State Privacy and more advanced regulatory environments like FISMA, FERC/NERC and ITAR/Export Control
  • Insider Threat Prevention including Privileged User monitoring and access control
  • Cyber Threat detection, containment, investigation and prevention including the prevention of data loss resulting from these attacks




























Verdasys Digital Guardian®

All Verdasys solutions are based on the Digital Guardian® Platform.  All capabilities are fully integrated in this single platform offering the most capable and scalable technology available.  Our customers range from mid-size engineering and manufacturing companies to Federal Governments to Global 10 conglomerates.  These customers have operationally successful deployments across user counts exceeding 100K end points and servers as well as across multiple networks.  No other data protection product mitigates the risk of data loss across so many  different use cases and offers the scalability of Digital Guardian.  The Digital Guardian Platform is offered:

  • As a perpetual license model deployed Enterprise-wide across our customer and supported by Verdasys world class professional services and support organization.
  • As a SaaS managed service for information protection (MSIP) where Verdasys data security experts manage all aspects of the data protection deployment, platform management, policy and report creation.  Our experts work closely with our customers security teams to find risks and threats to data and mitigate those threats together.

Verdasys Professional Services and Data Governance Policy Packs

Verdasys offers world class services and support based on our years of experience deploying and managing the world's most advanced data protection deployments at the world's largest companies.  We bring this experience to our customers through our onsite professional services for perpetual license customers or included as part of our MSIP solution.  Either way, Verdasys includes in each our Data Governance Policy Pack - pre-packaged sets of specialized rules, policies, reports and best practices that can be further customized to each client’s unique specifications, including:

  • Dictionaries covering keywords, regular expressions, structured content (SSN, CCN), regulatory terms and “fingerprint” models
  • Data categorization and tagging rules using industry-specific best practices to support internal classification policies and external regulations
  • Risk-based enforcement options, including prompts, justifications and blocks that support policy awareness and risk deterrence
  • Drill-down reporting across all online and offline data events, including:  email, secure Web, removable media, cloud-storage, user trends and anomaly detection
  • Alert work flows covering notification models and communications best practices
  • Investigative forensics, including work flows, and best practices for evidentiary-sound data collection, case management and chain of custody re-creation

Verdasys Data Governance Policy Packs are based on a decade of collective enterprise security experience and best practices, seasoned by engagements with hundreds of Verdasys customers worldwide.  They cover a wide range of industry based users cases including:

  • ITAR/Export Control (Aerospace/Defense)
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services/PCI
  • Healthcare/HIPAA
  • Cyber Threat/Malware Detection and Defense (i.e. Advanced Persistent Threats)

These policy packs become the starting point for a companies enterprise information protection program being configured and updated to each customers needs.  Unlike other data protection technology, Digital Guardian has the flexibility to support multiple policy packs in a singe deployment.  Verdasys offers the most complete and operationally successful solutions available to protect sensitive data from mid-size to the world's largest companies.