Managed Service for Cyber Defense (MSCD)

A Complete Cyber Threat Defense Solution without Hardware, Licenses or Staffing Required

As the threat of cyber attack grows and all companies become targets, the ability to hire and maintain a dedicated cyber threat defense team, deploy the advanced technology required to detect and defend from an attack and update, educate and improve both people and technology is simply out of reach for all but the world’s largest and most secure organizations. To solve this problem Verdasys introduced its Managed Service for Cyber Defense (MSCD), an all-inclusive solution for host based cyber  attack protection completely hosted and managed by Verdasys' data security experts.

Verdasys MSCD offers a proven cyber defense platform that supports advanced malware prevention, detection, investigation and reporting across host systems in any organization, regardless of if these systems are in multiple geographic locations, and both on and off the network.  Verdasys MSCD also integrates with your gateway, network cyber defense products and your SIEM tool to offer the most complete cyber threat defense platform available as a managed service.  Verdasys MSCD will greatly reduce the risk that cyber attacks succeed in penetrating your network and, with multiple layers of defense, including an infection incident, prevent that attack from accessing and exfiltrating your sensitive data that the attack is targeting.



1.  Malware introduction phase

2.  Malware morphs, bypasses prevention control

3.  Malware events detected by MSCD across host systems

4.  Detected events are correlated and investigated

5.  Multiple containment controls are quickly deployed, malware stopped

6.  Prevention controls in MSCD and on network, gateway and malware detection systems are improved, based on investigation results


  • Preventing phishing, spear phishing and other human-targeted attacks
  • Enabling cyber threat real-time alerting and training of employees
  • Blocking Adobe, Java and other exploits based on executables and processes
  • Stopping malware expansion through advanced containment controls
  • Preventing data exfiltration by malware attacks


MSCD offers the unique capability of not just detecting malware attacks, but also quickly deploying flexible sets of policy based controls that stop malware attacks in hours, not the weeks and months currently averaged by most organizations.  Prevention controls are targeted at stopping initial attacks.  Containment controls quick isolate malware and prevent it from spreading to new computers and data exfiltration controls complete the process by ensuring no sensitive data leaves the network.  MSCD controls are fast and effective and work equally well both on and off the corporate network.


No sensitive content is transmitted or stored as part of the MSCD service. Event details are captured as meta data that can recreate any event with forensic accuracy. Meta data is encrypted, hashed and digitally signed before being securely transferred to Verdasys’ hosting facilities via Digital Guardian’s FIPS 140-2 certified messaging protocol.


  • Improve cyber attack detection rates, quickly identify infected machines both on and off the network
  • Decrease incident response time for detection and investigation – greatly improve reaction time
  • Reduce costs and complexity with an integrated platform delivering a “Kill Chain Defense” capability
  • Gain actionable cyber risk intelligence as part of a combined “Threat Intelligence” program
  • Requires NO up-front costs for hardware, software or additional staff – Verdasys Cyber Defense experts work with your team to make your cyber defense program a success