Monitoring and Managing Privileged Users

The privileged user is a unique role within an organization. They are granted the right to access systems on which sensitive applications and information are found on the condition that they know and abide by all corporate governing policies. But this trust is very difficult to verify without the ability to monitor and manage privileged user activity at the file, application, and user levels simultaneously, independent of their IT privileges. Most data privacy regulations, like PII/PCI and HIPAA, specifically require monitoring and controls for users that are authorized to access sensitive information for administrative purposes, but who’s data-handling rights are otherwise restricted.  Limiting the risk of data misuse by privileged users without impeding their responsibilities requires a solution that can:

  • Operate independently of any application or other security technology
  • Prevent itself from being disabled or circumvented by a privileged user
  • Analyze data transactions in context (who is the user, what actions are being taken, when does the action take place, what applications are used, etc.)
  • Interact with the user before the risky transaction is complete ensuring they are accountable for their actions
  • Deter or prevent data compromise while recording all events within an evidentiary sound process

Verdasys Digital Guardian® is designed specifically to manage privileged users, including knowledge workers, administrators or executives. With over 2 million agents deployed worldwide, it is a highly effective and mature solution for detecting, deterring and preventing data compromise by trusted employees. Digital Guardian Agents operate between the user and sensitive data to monitor and control the activities of anyone authenticated to an instrumented end point, server and networks. With Digital Guardian, compensating controls can be automatically enforced across different privileged user types with centrally-managed security polices defined at the group or individual user level. Digital Guardian records and securely stores every privileged user's activities as situationally-aware and causal event logs, which are have been used as primary forensic evidence in criminal and civil cases both domestically and internationally. The Digital Guardian Agent itself is stealth and tamper-proof, making it a highly effective countermeasure against all levels of privileged users, including system administrators and IT security managers.

Key Capabilities

  • Endpoint, server and network based monitoring, both on and offline - takes action before the data is compromised
  • All privileged users are monitored and all activity is recorded and auditable including activities in virtual sessions
  • Privileged user segregation of duties through access and usage controls
  • Invisible, hardened, very difficult to defeat agent architecture
  • Deterrence of risky activity through real time warning and justification prompts